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Media , post-production, vfx, commercials , TV, Programs, music, video, series , movies , sound , engineer

Gorilla Media Production for Post-Production , and TREND VFX which covers commercials, TV programs, music videos, TV Series, and movies.

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About Gorilla For Media Production


Who are we?

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Gorilla is Media Production and Creative Solutions house that was founded in 2015, professional work within the local market and the international one as well, focuses on inventive concepts having its unique way. Gorilla is a mother company for: Gorilla Post-Production, Gorilla Production, Gorilla UAE and sister company for TREND VFX


Here is a sample of our works speaks loudly to show the hard work and effort to present a great value for the client and viewer. 2018s Showreel.

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The vision is to translate the art of heavens light, collide it with the shades from the moon,and create a tailored masterpiece that fulfills each different need requested. With that vision, we aspire to upgrade ourselves with each experience gained, and every wisdom transferred. Last, we believe that this vision can make us to be idolized from each member in our industry, sought by each brand, and positioned in the international market.



Your Dream Is Our Mission

We aim to provide the market we are serving, national or international, with the special tailored creative and production solutions, resulting in an uplift of the expectations, and upgrade in the total market industry.

We seek to choose our production portfolio that adds value to ourselves, and give trust to our respectful clients

We aim to follow the world’s top standards in production, and even compete to create a much better standard.

Deal with every project with the passion as if it’s the first, and with power as if it’s the last.


What we do?

Creative Boutique

We Provide Creative ideas For TVcs , TV Shows , Radio ads, Channel identities , with ultimate creativity and individuality


We provide full production for TVCs, TV Shows , TV Series , Radio Ads , Channel Identities from A to Z , Art Direction , Cinematography , production , Styling , etc.


We Direct any form of media TVCs , TV Shows , Radio ads, Channel identities ,Video Clips , etc , while following international standards.

post-production editing & vfx

We Provide all kind of post production services for any production, with the highest technologies & software.

sound engineering
Sound Engineering

We Provide Full Sound Engineering Services For any format with Excellent Standards and Quality.


Our Clients